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Product Image Social Media Kindness Coin

Social Media Kindness Coin


This is a new unique custom coin created by the Pay It Forward Foundation that is passed with kind acts around the world. Each coin has its own unique serial code that allows all users to see the coins journey. The original holder of the coin will create an Online Profile for it and share its meaning or purpose for the coin. Then when the holder performs a kind act for another in need it is passed also with the kind act to the recipient and either person can easily upload and share the story its passing for paying it forward. You can write quick story, share pictures or video of the event. You then watch how your single act of kindness creates a Kindness Chain that travels locally and then to different parts of the world. Each time a new person receives the coin the story it shared online with social media integration (facebook, twitter) and an email is sent to all prior holders so everyone can enjoy watching the kindness and stories as the chain spreads. It's a lot like a message in a bottle that you can watch being picked up and thrown back to sea until the next finder shares their coin story. You can track it as travels and use it to pay a tribute to a lost loved one or pet or to celebrate a birthday, wedding or other special occasion! Holder can also male donations to support further kind acts. Sharing the story of your coin's profile and seeing the kind stories that follow will inspire others to do so for the cause.

We have a very limited initial supply that will be shipped once the online programming supporting these special coins is completed. This will be in time for the holidays so order quickly before these are gone. Thanks for Paying It Forward! We think these will male quite a unique and thoughtful holiday gift this season that the whole family will enjoy. (For those who can, purchase 3 for each gift to follow directly with the pay it forward principles.)